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Summer 2015 Styles New !

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Soft , Light & Natural Look

Lita Twist @ $250

Flat front Lita Twist!!!!!!New!!!!!!!!!!

Soft , Light & Natural Look

@$280 with Hair included

Just Like Fusion like the Stars @ $300 with Hair included
Cornrows Twist ( Last longer than Flat Twist )

Long Afro Coil@250

City Cornrows @$80

Soft , Light & Natural Look

@230 with 18"-20" Hair Included

Wet Wave @$230

Pony Tree Braid- New

Yaki Tree Braid - New

Tree Braid : Much Better Than Weave, More Natural & Last Longer than Weave

Deep Wave Braid- New

Kinky Twist

Mohog Twist: Ligth & Natural @230

Big Havana Poetic Justice Braid @250
Medium Havana Poetic Justice Braid @250

Havana Box Braid @ 150


Kinky Twist
Yan Twist as Top Model

" They have their Own Magazine that shows their Own Work. I love this Hair Gallery! "
Full Deep Wave


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African Roots Hair Braiding is a Hair Braiding Salon conveniently located in the Washington DC Metropolitan precisely on 6428 Old Branch Avenue, Camps Spring, MD 20748. We specialize in  braiding for women, men, and children. Our expert braiding stylists ,experienced and professional braiders ( trained in Africa and in the US )  are great at what they do and they work quickly and efficiently. We have the best prices for braiding and weaves in the Metropolitan .

 African Roots Hair Braiding  provides Individual braids, kinky twists, Senegalese twists,  Spring Twist, New Sis Twist , SoftTouch corn rows, Micro-braids, Invisible braids, African Pony tails, Weaving, Pixies, Nubian Twist  , Dreadlocks, African Fish Bone Sista Twist,  and many more... We use both synthetic and real hair. Our salon offers a very friendly and fun atmosphere. Call for an appointment or stop in today for more information and to get your hair done!


Short Afro Puff

Our Vision.

In Africa, hairstyle has been used to project profession, gender, age and status. In the show such distinctions are often illustrated by masks or statues, which can be stylized to the point of caricature to emphasize a certain feature.

In such artwork, the head can be made disproportionately larger. Often, this represents the identity of a supernatural being or ancestor. The shape, style and decoration of the head might determine the identity of who is being portrayed. Facial paint, facial scars (scarification) or the hairdo itself would also illustrate the identity of the figure.

The rise of the Afro in the 1960's turned into a visual manifestation of Black Power. For years simply wearing an Afro was a political statement. The Afro also illustrated another trend: the cross-pollination of the black world. The Afro popped up in Africa, was worn at demonstrations celebrating Brazil's black pride movement, Black Rio, and flourished in Europe's black communities. By wearing the Afro, one was not simply copying another American style. The Afro was and should  continue to be  a symbol of the solidarity of the black world.

Latest & New Style

African Pony @250 Mohawk Feeding



This Week Best Style

Micro Human Hair @  220
Medium Havana Poetic Justice Braid @250


2013 Look ! Micro Soul Twist -Lita Twist - Tree Braid












Extra Micro Soul Twist!!!!!!New!!!!!!!!!!

 You Should have that Natural Look for the Year 2013

Mohog Braid @$150

Afro Mohog @$180

Mohog Braid @$150
Weaving @ $120 

Wet Wave @ $220 with Hair Included

 Be Happy like those Customers after having their Hair done exhibiting our Hair Book         


Micro Straight  Yaki @ $220 with Hair

Deep Weave Lacing  @$300

 with Hair included

Feeding Cornrow @160

Beninese Twist @$250

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 Roots Twist done by Annick.





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Inside Our Gallery

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Long Deep Weave

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Human Micro in Fashion

Beninese Twist

The Back of Kinky Twist: Natural Layer Look

Wet Wave @$230

Best Seller ( KInky Twist )

Special @180 with Hair included

Beninese Twist

Natural Look Soft & Light

Afro Twist Style



Afro Twist

Natural Look Soft & Light

Afro Twist Style



Human Micro in Fashion

We do celebrities Too...

Custom Order Only

Senegalese  Straight @ End

Senegalese Twist

Beninese Twist Back: Natural Look

"We just have our hair done by Zenab & Diaraye

and we got their own  Magazine for Free"

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Soul Vs Senegalese

Afro Puff



Afro Coil

Beninese Twist

Deep Wave

City Cornrows

Roots Twist

Soft Twist

Sista Twist

Senegalese Pony


Afro Puff

Fish Tail

Cornrows Weave

Sis Twist

 Natural Twist


Some of Our Latest  Styles ( Full & Long Micro) on Sale for $ 220 with Hair Included

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Banana Cornrow

Z Cornrows

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 Beninese Twist

Special @250 with Hair included

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Cornrow Twist

Roots Cornrows
New ! Feeding French Braid
Annick: The Master Braider wearing Tree Twist (New Style)

Micro Soul Twist


Fish Tail

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